Pink Sands Merino Wool Top Roving

Pink Sands ( Cotton Candy) super soft 100% Australian Merino wool top roving in 23 microns with staple length 2-3 inches/ 76 mm.
Beautifully blended variegated pink wool that looks like the pink sands of Harbour Island Bahahmas...and of course Cotton Candy!
Choose 1 oz, 4oz, 8oz or 16oz (1lb), 2lb, 4lb, 8lb or more!
Pictures are of 1 lb hank.
Shep's Wool has over 30+ Colors of High Quality Wool Roving!

Perfect for spinning into yarn, blending hackle, making rolag, needle felting, and wet felting into any shapes and animals.

Feels AMAZING like cotton candy in your hands...soothing and easily enjoyable to work with!

This is HIGH QUALITY Beautiful Merino Wool Top Roving- with FAST SHIPPING!

Simply Stunningly Beautiful to look at and handle! Perfect for Crafts, felting, spinning into yarn, cat caves, Waldorf Doll Heads, Stuffing, Arm Knit Chunky Blanket (recommend 7 lbs per blanket) and if you want to make your own wool dryer balls, macrame!
Needle felting, spinning, wet felting, jewelry making, 3-D sculpture or any other art work you need wonderful wool to use!

Luxurious, High Quality!

Retail $36.95/lb

Save this listing because once you receive your roving FAST in the mail, you will want more!

Staple length 2-3 inches/76mm. 23 micron

We ship fast- THANK YOU!

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