Sheps Merino Wool Chunky Yarn for DIY Arm Knitting Blankets, Spinning, Wall Hangings, Doll Hair, Flowers, Felting, Crafts, & More!

Super Easy to Use Wool Roving: Customers who enjoy chunky yarn for arm knitting scarves, blankets, rugs, and tapestries, say that 1 pound of our soft Merino wool chunky yarn gives them 12 yards to craft a super soft, chunky scarf in one sitting - and unlike cheaper options, they say Shep’s white Merino wool readily takes and holds dyes

Thick Felting Wool: With a thick and substantial 23 microns and 2-3 inch staple length you’ll enjoy a soft and creamy feel for hand or needle felting that stays together (both wet and dry) . There is no fragile feel that cracks or breaks; In fact, Crafters say this white merino wool “felts like a dream” and lets them quickly felt cute figures, animals, jewelry, dolls, and dyer balls, as well as embellish larger projects

Soft - Never Scratchy: Unlike cheap, imported options, Shep’s wool avoids the acrylic and polyester fillers so your roving is always inviting to the touch with a clean and creamy feel that is like butter for spinning and gives you a silky finish that you won’t find in local craft store brands

100% Australian Merino Wool: The first touch will tell you a little about how Shep’s chooses only ethically sourced, cruelty-free premium roving wool from Australian farmers who use techniques passed down through generations, so you can feel good knowing you’re getting the best roving available while giving fair wages to the hard-working farmers

No Barnyard Odors - No Hidden Surprises: Your Shep’s Wool Roving arrives clean, fresh, odor-free, and ready to use - No embarrassing barnyard smells here, and none of the stains, insects, or twigs found in cheaper options. But, don’t take our word for it, join other customers who say they’re enjoying hassle-free wool roving that’s a joy to handle.

Our customers have creatively crafted this wool with:

wet felting,
dry needle felting,
soap felting,
spin into yarn,
Wall hanging,
cat caves, cat bed, dog bed,
stuffing Waldorf Dolls,
Pillow stuffing,
arm chunky knit blankets (7-8 lbs per blanket is the average- The finished blanket size is approximately 40″ by 64″),
weaving tapestries,
rug and basket making, Horse saddle pads,
Felt animals, felt garland, hats, scarf, socks and booties,
dreadlocks, cat toys, school projects
Even soothes the pain away from toe bunions when you wrap around toes! (also an awesome winter boot stuffing to keep your feet toasty warm!
make your own wool dryer balls (averages 12 balls per lb).
Endless other crafts, too many to list!

How much wool do I need for that DIY Chunky Yarn Blanket?
Plus size scarf — 2 lb
Blanket 30*50 inches — 4 lb
Blanket 48*48 inches — 6 lb
Blanket 40x 63 inches - 8lb. Twin throw size
Blanket 58*58 inches — 9 lb
Blanket 64*80 inches — 13 lb. Queen size

Materials: wool,merino

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