1lb Pound Merino SUPERWASH wool roving. Spin into yarn For spinning only, Spin Wool, Spin Fiber, Washable wool roving, Washable roving,

1lb (per pound) Merino Superwash (NO FELTING- This is for spinning only)

We have strict high quality parameters and only supply our customers with the best high quality merino wool. This is for SUPERWASH MERINO in very soft 23 microns. For Spinning into yarn that you can dye, knit and wash! It will NOT SHRINK! Spin Fiber, Spin Wool, Superwash merino

Our wool roving is shipped in one continuous strand of roving to your desired weight. This listing is for 1lb. Choose more if you need more- we send in one strand roving to meet your weight desired.
SUPERWASH is for SPINNING Only- To make yarns. Superwash wool is not used for Felting crafts.
Please see our other listings for over 45 different color spinning and felting wool.
Washable wool roving

Shep's Merino SuperWash is 21 micron melt in your hands soft, luxurious and makes gorgeous finished products.

Shep's Wool Roving is your #1 trusted supplier of Unbeatable High Quality, Best prices and Fast shipping!
Superwash, Super Wash

Made for Spinning with Wheel or spindle- one of the most favorite and popular fibers as it handles like a dream.

Super Wash (Super wash) Does NOT Felt! It means you can wash the garments or roving itself in washing machine with gentle cycle. It will NOT felt while dying in a hot bath.
Washable roving, washable merino wool roving, washable spin fiber, washable spinning wool, washable spin fiber.
This top is professionally processed and will spin into a wonderful yarn. Spin as it OR you can easily dye any color you love.

Shep's Australian Superwash fiber is 21 micron. Very fine, butter soft next to the skin. Perfect for spinning and knitting baby garments too! Our superwash is also Static resistant.

ABOUT Superwash:

Superwash wool is a wool yarn that is machine washable and, therefore, will not felt.

Each hair fiber of wool is made up of scales. Felting occurs when these scales bind together. The superwash process prevents the scales from binding in one of two ways. Some superwash wools are given an acid bath that removes its scales. Alternatively, the yarn can be coated with a polymer or resin; this is essentially a protective coating for the yarn to prevent felting. A yarn can be treated with either or both methods to become superwash.

We recommend cold washing and flat drying with our luxurious superwash wools.