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Choose your weight of Beautiful Domestic 56s Wool Top Roving Creamy White color (unbleached) and super soft. Simply Beautiful to look at and handle! Perfect for Crafts, felting, spinning, dying, cat caves, arm chunky knit blankets, stuffing (mist with rain or water outside and let sun dry for even lighter color and super fluffy volume!) and if you want to make your own wool dryer balls.

You can buy in 1 lb increments because we can supply any amount you need. Large Chunky Knit blankets average 7 lbs each. Simply enter the quantity of lbs you want when you buy. We can send in 1lb or if you order more, we will send in one continuous roving.

Retail is $34.95/lb

Made from a variety of breeds in eastern half of the United States.
Ready for use in spinning and felting ready to dye too if you like.

Staple length 2.5-3.5 inches (60-70 mm). Fiber count 54-56s (28-29 micron)

We ship fast- THANK YOU!

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