Large Wool Dryer Balls CARNIVAL 7 Color Pack SATISFACTION GUARANTEED Natural Laundry Softener -Gentle on your Laundry, Skin and Wallet

Bright and Cheerful Carnival Color 7 Pack of Wool Dryer Balls in 3.5 inch Diameter LARGE (Baseball sized- and quiet)

Trusted Since 2007 are our Original 100% Wool Dryer Balls
- Natural Laundry Softener- Lasts for years, Save Money

In this listing you get a rainbow of 7 of our Cheerful wool dryer balls, one of each color (Hot Pink, Marigold, Eco Green, Sky Blue, Regal Purple, Sunshine Yellow and White) These are sure to bring a smile on your face, or a friend's because these make super unique gifts to give!

We have been trusted since 2007 and are the first ever producers to provide you with the best size and made wool dryer balls for your dryer!
Never buy another fabric softener, cut down nasty static cling and get done with the chores of laundry drying faster so you can have more time to do the things you ENJOY!

These Wool Dryer Balls save you money, energy and time by cutting the dryer’s drying time and by you not having to use softeners. When you use 6 balls in your dryer, you can cut up to an average of 25% off your large load drying time and cut around 30-45% off your small loads!!

The balls circulate and separate the clothing and get the warm dry air right down to the core of the laundry load! The more you have the faster the drying time, softer softness and money saved. They speed up the drying time and soften up by gentle friction of the felted wool fibers against your clothing fibers.

These are not made like others out there that will unravel after a month’s use!! Ours last 1'500 + loads- last well over a year in your dryer!
-High Quality
-Best Priced
-Longest Lasting
-Excellent Customer Service (ask us your questions!)
-100% Satisfaction Guarantee!
**** UNDYED UNSCENTED Natural White and Natural Gray Wool Dryer Balls also Available in our store!

These Dryer Balls do a number of wonderful things:

1. Shep's Wool Dryer Balls are an Eco-friendly alternative to the conventional dryer sheet and liquid fabric softener.

2. Shep's does more than a dryer sheet by allowing hot air to Circulate into your clothes so you don’t have to run your dryer as long, saving you time and money.

3. These reduce static just like dryer sheets do when you dampen a ball or two prior to drying a heavy static load.

4. They soften your clothes like fabric softener with gentle separating and fluffing friction action. Fabric softener has harsh chemicals that make your clothes soft and also increase the flammability of your clothes putting you at risk of a dryer fire . Heating elements also build up and burn out because of fabric softeners.

5. They’re wonderful cat and dog toys when they are not in use by the dryer.

6. They’re made of 100% wool (NO filler). Fun for babies and toddlers to learn about colors and as a counting tool, they gravitate to the texture and round shape!

7. They’re absolutely WONDERFUL for cloth diapers! They keep them soft and clean without the harmful chemicals in conventional dryer sheets. Plus fabric softeners destroy the moisture absorbing ability of the cloth diaper. You want your cloth diapers staying as thirsty as the day you bought them!


Q - What are some of the chemicals in dryer sheets and fabric softeners?

A - Conventional dryer sheets contain some chemicals such as:

A-Terpineol - Associated with central nervous system disorders
Benzyl Acetate – A carcinogen linked to pancreatic cancer
Benzyl Alcohol - An upper respiratory tract irritant
Camphor – It’s listed on the EPA’s Hazardous Waste list
Ethyl Acetate – Another culprit on the EPA’s Hazardous Waste list and an irritant to the eyes and respiratory tract

Considering your skin is the largest organ in your body - through which your body absorbs everything that you put on it (including lotions, makeup and perfume) you're going to want to stay away from as many chemicals as possible!

Q - How long will Shep's dryer balls last?

A - Our dryer balls are uniquely made to last over 5 years! ! The average household spends over $275 on dryer sheets and fabric softeners every year for their laundry?

Q - How long will your scents last if I choose to have them scented? How can I re-scent them? Do you sell your scents?

A - We offer several scents in our store for you to choose from. One drop per ball usually lasts for 3 -4 weeks.

Q - How big are these dryer balls?

A - Shep's Wool Dryer Balls are individually made by hand 3 inches in diameter - approximately the size of a tennis ball. Shep's XL are the BIGGEST available anywhere at 4 inch diameter! (Softball sized) And quiet n your dryer- designed by an engineer!

Q - How loud are Shep's Wool dryer balls?

A - They are very quiet. We specifically designed them to be larger than other wool balls available and the quietest available- years of study and testing!

Q - How are these any better than the plastic (PVC) ones that I got from my local superstore?

A - They are VERY different actually! The conventional plastic ones you see on TV and in your local store are made from plastic and when heated can emit harmful smells that can irritate the lungs. Plastic dryer balls can also rip and tear more delicate clothing and towel loops. And after a few months the plastic/rubber dryer balls fall apart into pieces. Tin foil balls are notorious for crumbling in your laundry.

Q - Do they reduce static?

A - Yes, gently apply tap water from your spigot to one of two of our wool dryer balls before drying a heavy static load- or on a dry cold day. This is the trick to added static protection!.

Q - How many dryer balls do I REALLY need to use?

A - For small to medium loads we recommend 3-4 (3 of Shep's XL) and for large loads use 4-6 (3-4 of Shep's XL) The more wool dryer balls you add to your dryer- the faster and softer your laundry results are.

Q - How much are these dryer balls REALLY going to save me?

A - The average savings in time is between 40% in a small load to 25% in a large load. And it increases with the more dryer balls you use.

Q - How do I use Shep's Wool Dryer Balls?

A - Just throw them in your dryer with your freshly washed clothes and turn your dryer to its moisture-sensitive setting and let them do all the work.

Q - Is it safe to use the fun colored balls with my white laundry?

A - Shep's wool dryer balls are color fast and will not run on any of your laundry.


Materials: wool