Shep's Purple Lily CAT CAVE 100% Wool Handmade Cat Cozy Pet Bed Kitty Cup

Super FUN unique One of a Kind cat cave! You will want to display this cat bed.
Your cat will LOVE cuddling up in this sweet Purple Lily kitty cup.
Cats are naturally attracted to wool because trace lanolin scent reminds them of Mom.

Your Cat Cozy is lovingly hand crafted of 100% wool that is thick to withstand the roughest of cats! Not Thin like other cat caves!

This is our one size fits all -A large 50 cm sized (up to 18lbs) kitty will fit in this cozy.

This vibrant Purple cave is topped with three super well made white and violet Lillies!

Shep's offers a large selection of Cat Caves in a variety of FUN Vegetables, Floral and vast array of other artistic creations- check them out and be sure to Favorite them!

Each of our Caves is a Lovingly handmade work of art, individual and due to handmade nature it may vary slightly from the image.


9 lb Toy Poodle Not included- Hattie is helping you get an idea of size of the cat cave.

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